RGC-720A Fully Automatic Hydraulic Cup Making Machine

The RGC-720A fully automatic microcomputer hydraulic cup making machine is a new generation of lightweight plastic containers and product processing machinery independently developed and distributed to the market by our company. It can be widely used in the manufacturing of various cups, boxes, plates, and other plastic products. This machine is suitable for producing high-quality plastic containers such as jelly jam cups, milk cups, ice cream cups, disposable drinking cups, instant noodles bowls, fast food boxes, food boxes, pastry boxes, etc. It can also be used for processing decorative panels, toys, small hardware, and other body to body packaging.

Summary: Customized according to the special requirements of users


rgc-720a 加工 塑料容器 装饰板 压制 自主 制品 各种 适用于

RGC Series Cup Making Machine  |  JP Series Plastic Sheet Coextruding Machine | ZK Series Cup Stacking Machine | DS Series Cup Counting Machine




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